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I was born in Brooklyn NY

I went to Brooklyn College, Parsons and the New School

I taught first grade

I love surface design


I studied with Oppi Untracht for enameling

I studied with Astrid Deyrup for batik

I studied with my mother for embroidery

I studied books for needlepoint and fiber design

I worked with Judy Chicago on the Birth Project

I helped form the Tapestry Workshop with three other women and we

produced tapestries which won prizes and are in many private collections

in the United States

I designed and sold note cards with my original designs

I decided to license my work

My designs are versatile

They can go on anything - any surface-

Paper products etc


Greeting Cards


Wall Coverings



They are good for Birthdays, Christmas, New Years, Valentines Day and other Holidays

My designs will make you smile if you are in the mood to smile

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